At Fleming Yachts we are driven by our passion to design and build boats that meet our own high standards of excellence. We never cease looking for ways to make things better. We seek out new technology and, where appropriate, incorporate it into our boats after extended testing. We solicit continuous feed back from our customers and dealers and combine it with our own experience to refine our designs. This philosophy has led to motor yachts internationally renowned for their classic good looks: seaworthy design, impeccable engineering and meticulous attention to detail.


All Fleming Yachts are built to comply with the appropriate marine and environmental regulations for the area in which the yacht is delivered.


Fleming Yachts is a member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and all Fleming Yachts models are Certified by NMMA. This means that they comply with the applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC) and all Fleming Yachts models undergo a physical inspection by an NMMA inspector annually.
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Built and certified to CE Category "A" (Ocean) in accordance with the relevant ISO standards.



Fleming Yachts management and environmental systems have met and been approved by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standards. Annual inspection of the company and production facilities are required to maintain these qualifications.

The Ultimate Cruising Yacht requires the ultimate in Standard Equipment.

The following list is not a complete specification for all Fleming models. Its purpose is to highlight some of the most important features and equipment which are standard on our boats and which are either not included, or included at a lesser specification, by our competitors. Many of the features described here are not evident in the completed vessel and there is more - much more - than the eye can see!


The hull of every Fleming yacht is a solid fiberglass laminate reinforced with an interlocking matrix of frames and box-section stringers. Together these provide proven strength and impact resistance in excess of the requirements of CE Category "A " Ocean class. The solid laminate hull is impervious to water penetration - unlike cored hulls which typically have a thin outer skin vulnerable to penetration by foreign objects.

We build additional reinforcement into areas of the hull, such as the stem and around the bow sections ahead of the collision bulkhead, the chines, stabilizers, and keel. The lamination schedule below the waterline is significantly heavier throughout.

Vinylester resin is used for the layup in the outer laminations. Five coats of epoxy are then applied over the gelcoat below the waterline to add a non-permeable barrier as additional protection against blistering.

A stainless steel shoe protects the deep full length keel which extends well below the running gear, providing directional stability and protection from grounding. The top of the keel is sealed so, even in the event of major damage, the integrity of the hull is not compromised.

Corecell M-Foam is used exclusively for the core material in our sandwich laminates on the superstructure.

All fiberglass parts are gelcoated using quality gelcoat imported from the USA.









An important feature is safety and convenience when coming alongside. On the majority of boats it is only possible to step on or off the boat from the swim step -which usually means that the boat must be backed into the slip. Very often it is the wife who has to make the perilous leaps on and off the boat when docking. At Fleming, we provide bulwark doors on both sides of the boat from the generous and protected side decks as well as from the higher level pilot-house deck. All doors are inward opening for safety. The side decks on every model of Fleming are at a convenient height so no boarding steps are necessary. They are also at the right height for boarding the tender which is dropped into the water by the crane right alongside the side- deck door. This safety feature is very important and frequently overlooked until faced with the practical reality of stepping onto the dock with mooring lines in hand on a regular basis.

eFIT - Fleming Information Tablet

All technical documentation is supplied on an Apple iPad. This includes a comprehensive Owner's Manual with system descriptions, schematics, wiring diagrams, product manuals and equipment list. This data can be updated automatically from our server. The iPad also contains many useful Apps including back-up Navionics charts.


Fleming Yachts provides an extensive warranty on all new yachts. The general warranty is valid from one year from the date of handover of the yacht by the authorized Fleming dealer. The structural warranty of the hull, which includes below waterline osmotic blistering, is valid for five years. Our dealers are trained to assist our customers with all warranty concerns and can take care of any issues which may arise- including problems with all installed equipment. We stand behind everything that is used to create your Fleming and do not leave the customer to contact equipment manufacturers directly. We are proud of our product and our reputation. This warranty is your assurance that Fleming Yachts will stand behind the workmanship and materials that have gone into the construction of your yacht.


Fleming Yachts have worked in the same Tung Hwa yard ever since the inception of the company in 1985. We build only in that yard and they build exclusively for us. We select the very best of components sourced from every corner of the globe. We install them properly and make sure that every piece of equipment is readily accessible for service and maintenance.

We have followed a policy of continuous refinement over 29 years with improvements and upgrades introduced as they become available and not by model year. Our yachts are instantly recognizable from their distinctive classic lines and never go out of style. In every respect you are safe with Fleming.


"The Fleming 55 is the quintessential blue water cruising boat. The engineering is quite simply first class and answers all the questions I could ask in terms of practicality, longevity and redundancy."

Jeff Strang, Trade a Boat. Feb 2014

"The Fleming 65 clearly is the culmination of a lifetime of commitment to high quality, solid engineering and practical design. I have every confidence that she will take her owners and crew wherever they choose to cruise comfortably, safely and reliably."

Steve d'Antonio. Passagemaker 2011.

"The Fleming 78 is designed and built for serious cruisers who know what they want and what they'll need on their next voyage."

George Sass Sr. Power and Motoryacht. December 2013

"Fleming's redundancy extends far beyond just safety."

Vincent Daniello. BoatTEST April 2014