Fleming Yachts Canada

Welcome to Fleming Yachts Canada!

Fleming Yachts are renowned worldwide by sophisticated yachtspersons who encounter the intrinsic, timeless beauty of a Fleming, and then discover how capable and substantial beauty can be.

We who cruise the Pacific Northwest, or the West Coast of America and Canada deeply feel that each Fleming was designed with our extensive cruising grounds in mind. The focus of Fleming Yachts Canada is exceptional service to our clients cruising our stunningly magnificent waters, from Washington, up the coast of British Columbia and on to Alaska.

Our yachting lifestyle within the broad dimension of these waters is diverse and includes activities as varied as life itself. We thrive visiting city harbours, towns, and coastal villages and communities - all with unique character and flavour. Our yacht clubs extend their social reach throughout the region with outstations, gathering points for family activities. We are welcome in dozens of marine parks, sometimes sharing space with campers and kayakers, sometimes with mega yachts, small boats or commercial fishermen, all gathered in a safe haven before dawn's turn of weather and tide. Or we can follow our interests on limitless coastal adventures. To search out music festivals or community concerts up and down the coast, or explore the challenges of photographing coastal flowers, sea birds, and mammals ranging the coast, or simply exult in remote, seemingly timeless seascapes and island clusters. People can figure huge in these explorations - which are really explorations of the self - for the coast is full of people independent by nature and interdependent by necessity, they are as rich in life and ready to share, as can be imagined.

We invite you to think in these terms - of a yacht as exquisite on the dock at a yacht club function or tucked in a wind hole anchorage in Haida Gwaii. As comfortable in a rainy fiord, as safe in a gale, as ready nursing through an ice flow, as plying an ultra calm strait on a hot summer day on course to a new golf destination. Answer the question - what is a "yacht." Surely the answer is both "an intrinsically beautiful vessel that is as comfortable on a yacht club mooring as in a remote place difficult to reach in any other way, and always safe, dependable, secure, and utterly and completely comfortable," or, more simply, "a Fleming."

Please explore the information gathered in this site, and speak to us, visit us, send us a note or query. Let us show you why a Fleming Yacht is Your Yacht.

Brian D. Kell